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Getting Started

Getting Started

To see the Free Trial videos please download the App. and copy one of the Free Trial video links provided.

When you open the App., press the “plus” sign (+) at the top left hand corner. That will open the URL box “player” which is where you paste the link that you copied from our site. Next, press done. The video will start to play. That completes the AR Video selection process.


You will see one of MyARGirls appear in front of your camera screen. You can place her anywhere in the room simply by tapping her with one finger. This will activate the viewing grid editor (“viewing grid”). Move the camera view around your room and place her wherever you like. Once you determine where you want to watch her video play, tap the grid one more time to cancel the viewing grid. You can change her location over and over again by tapping her and activating the viewing grid. The videos play in a loop, so you will be able to enjoy your MyARGirl as she speaks to you and does all the things you like over and over again.

Deleting the Video:

You can delete a video and start over again, by tapping the video with one finger (to activate the viewing grid). Then go to the top left corner of your screen. There you will see a white circle with a square inside of it. This is a 2nd editor. When the white circle is pressed, it offers you 3 new choices. It allows you to delete the video, replace the video (with one that is in your history) and lastly it allows you to remove a color.

Adjusting Size:

If you want to adjust MyARGirls’ size, tap her image (to activate the viewing grid) and pinch the viewing grid, with two fingers, (like you would any cell phone picture) in order to enlarge or reduce her size. For multiple videos, please set up one MYARGirl at a time ( you can copy and paste the trial videos up to three girls at a time into the player). No other company offers this service. Once the image is to your liking, tap the viewing grid one more time to cancel it.

Adjusting Viewing Angle:

For POV videos, you can actually tilt the image back or forward, up to 45 degrees, depending on the type of POV video selected. For BJ videos, you can place her in between your legs, adjust her size (two finger pinch) and then adjust her angle . This maneuver requires you to place three fingers on the screen at the same time. Tap the image in order to activate the viewing grid, then with three fingers touching the grid, slid your fingers up and down. You will see her viewing angle change. Find the right viewing angle for you and then tap the grid again to cancel the viewing grid.

With a little practice you can set up a video in 5-10 seconds.


The App. stores the videos that you have selected. To get to your History, press the plus (+) sign and this will reveal your History button. Search through your history to find the MyARGirls you like best. To Delete a video from the History list, press the trash can symbol to the left hand side of the link.

Stereo View/Split Screen:

Once you have set up MYARGirl’s location, size and in some cases angle, now is the time to set up the image for playing in your AR/VR goggles. This is where the MAGIC happens. For this, press the menu button located on the lower right hand corner of the screen (look for an information bar consisting of three little horizontal lines).

This will open a menu of 4 choices, web search, help, record and stereo view. You will select the choice for a Stereo View.

The stereo view option provides you an adjustable slider on the bottom which allows you to increase or decrease the viewing size of the split screen (based on your preference). Place your camera horizontally for this view. When finished with viewing in split screen, remove your phone from the goggles and press the “X” at the top right hand corner of your screen and it will return the App. back to regular view where you can set up another model(s) for your viewing pleasure.


If you like what we have to offer, please register with one of our membership plans. Once you are a member you will have access to all of MYARGirl’s models and their videos.

As we indicated earlier, we are the first company to provide this type of easy access and easy to use experience. We need you help in order to grow our experiences and provide you with the complete adult video variety you are accustomed to. Our goal is add a new girl or girls monthly and hopefully weekly by reinvesting the proceeds from our membership plans. Therefore, we need your continued help and support in order for us to grow and to provide you with what is really a special viewing experience.

Director’s Chair and Go Fund Me:

We hope to set up a “Director’s Chair” type section for suggestions on your favorite WebCam girl(s) and Porn Stars. Here you will recommend the actress and give us some suggestions of what you would like to experience in AR. We will reach out to the actress to determine her ability to fulfill the production and the cost. The Director’s Chair allows you to fund the video production and share, as an affiliate, in its proceeds.

The “Go Fund Me” will work similarly but without the affiliate program benefit. We will do our best to reach out to those WebCam girls and Porn Stars and determine the cost of the production. We will then publish the cost of that production. When the donations reach the goal/cost of the actress and video production, we will create the video that you as a membership group funded.

Welcome to the future, let's get started !!!

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