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Getting Started

First, register here at our site MyARGirls.com. You are not able to register to our website from the App.

To see the Free Trial video please download the App and copy the Free Trial video link provided.

When you open the app, press the “plus” sign (+) at the top left hand corner. That will open the URL box which is where you paste the link that you want to see from our site. Then press done. The video will start to play.

You will see the girl appear in front of your camera screen. You can place her anywhere in the room simply by touching her. This will activate a “viewing grid”. Press the grid and while holding her image with one finger, move the camera view around and place her wherever you like. Once you determine where you want to watch the video play, tap the grid one more time to cancel the viewing grid.

If you want to adjust her size, tap her image (to activate the viewing grid) and pinch the grid in order to enlarge or reduce the size of the girl. For multiple videos, please set up one girl at a time. The videos will play in a loop. Once the image is to your liking, tap the grid one more time to cancel the viewing grid.

For POV videos, you can actually tilt the image back up to 45 degrees and depending on the video place her in between your legs. This maneuver requires you to place three fingers on the screen at the same time. Tap the image in order to activate the viewing grid, then with three fingers touching the grid, slid your fingers up and down. You will see her viewing angle change. Find the right viewing angle for and then tap the grid again to cancel the viewing grid.

With a little practice you can set up a video in 5-10 seconds

Once you have set up the girl’s location and size, now its time to set up the image for playing in your ar/vr goggles. For this you will press the lower right hand corner of the screen (look for an information bar consisting of three little horizontal lines.

This will open a menu and you will then tap the choice for a split screen.

The split screen option provides you an adjustable slider on the bottom which allows you to increase the viewing size of the split screen (based on your preference). Place your camera horizontally for this view. When finished with viewing in split screen press the “X” at the top right hand corner of the screen and it will return the app back to regular where you can set up another model for your viewing pleasure.

If you like what we have to offer, please register with one of our membership plans. Once you are a member you will have access to all of our models and their videos.

As we indicated earlier, we are the first company to provide this type of experience. We need you help in order to grow our experiences and provide you with the complete adult video variety you are accustomed to. Our goal is add a new girl or girls each week by reinvesting the proceeds from our membership plans. Therefore, we need your help and support in order for us to continue to provide you a special viewing experience.

We are also going to set up a go fund me type section for your favorite WebCam girls and Porn Stars. Give us some suggestions of girls you would like to experience in AR and we will see what we can do to fulfill your fantasies.

Let's get started!!!